What do I think Library 2.0 is?

This question popped up in my head after posting the last post about Cites & Insights. Where would I put myself in this conversation? I’ll try to sum up my loose threads of thought and see if anything comes out in a readable way.

1. I think Library 2.0 is a chance to look at library services, libraries in general and librarians with new eyes, or through new lenses. There will be loads of stuff thought of before, but hopefully put together with new stuff to become really new and original. We stand on the shoulders of gigants, but we still reach a little higher:-)

2. Library 2.0 is, to me, a ongoing discussion on tools, philosophy, communication and services, that imports more from our surroundings than is usual for a professional discussion in the library world.

3. I hope Library 2.0 will be the tool to enable librarians, patrons and library owners to cooperate on improving library services, and I DO think that libraries is too important to leave in the hands of only librarians. We need more input from our surroundings and I think that in the Library 2.0 discussion this is a central theme and that we can find some of the tools for this cooperation in both Web 2.0 and other sources outside the library world.

4. Technology is not the reason for Library 2.0, but it is a neccesary part.

I’ll stop now, go home, fetch my son from school and make a spagetti dinner. More tomorrow I think.

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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