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Talis white paper on Library 2.0

Just as I was about to leave work yesterday a new item popped up on my Bloglines notifier, Panlibus had a new post, so I “just checked” instead of closing down as I should have. A new white paper: Library

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The library as a lab?

The experimentation and development going on in libraries around the world makes me think that one charatcteristic of Library 2.0 is that the library functions as a laboratory for development. This can take many forms. The OPAC experimentation that Casey

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What’s in a name

Shakespeare always says it better. This is the only time I will adress the issue of the “Library 2.0” name. A lot of people seems to react confrontational and negatively when they hear the words Library 2.0. And so far

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Library 2.0 and books

Yesterday I enjoyed a great discussion about Library 2.0 that was recorded by Talis and will be published as a podcast later. But one thing really struck me during the discussion. When I mentioned that I thought books where a

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