Another norwegian take on Library 2.0

Magnus Enger who just finished his Masters degree in documentation science have decided to start writing in english, and his first post on Library 2.0 is just facinating and provides a much needed perspective from a new and fresh viewpoint (information/documentation science).
I think his tentative conclusion is a great step forward in finding a fundamental starting point for the development of a coherent Library 2.0 philosophy:

My tentative conclusion then, is that Library 2.0 is all about librarians trying to come to terms with the changes that are evident all around us, and beginning to think about how our own documents (secondary and systemic), and the services connected with them, should and could adapt to the demands from, and opportunities offered by, the new environment surrounding us.

Thank you Magnus. Keep up the good work!

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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One comment on “Another norwegian take on Library 2.0
  1. Welcome. You’ve Got New Library®

    I very much liked the posting What Is New about Library 2.0 by Jenny Levine. It brings together a lot of great thinking and really clarifies a lot of the issues. First a brief aside.I have been mostly staying out

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