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The librarian smartphone

Seeing as everybody and their dog is launching a smartphone these days I thought we should have a librarian smartphone, or since librarian and smart are just synonyms, we’ll call it the librarianphone (Lphone,) as well. So, how would a Lphone

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A touch interface for library use

Of the many things I want to fix in this world the library digital services interface is among the top five. The interface for searching that works on a computer screen where you can use a mouse or trackpad to

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A crowdfunded library?

I´m an enthusiastic supporter of crowdfunding and use as much as I can. Just yesterday a new crowdfunding proposal appeared on my radar. LIBRII is an attempt to make a template for a new type of library suitable for

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Coding in libraries – a new service?

There are so many things happening around in libraries these days. I love how some libraries are becoming makerspaces, and other libraries are connecting to their communities in new and creative ways.  At the same time there is a drive for more

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The future of the book, and libraries

It is really hard to think about the future of the book and not link it to the future of libraries. But increasingly it seems that this is something we must do. The nature of the book will change in

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What, me worry? Or the Amazon “Library”

I am about as worried about the Amazon Kindle Lending Library  as I would be if a guy set up a box of worn paperbacks outside the library entrance and offered to lend them to people for $ 1 as

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