First post from Galaxy Tab

We have aquired a Galaxy Tab at work and this is the first blogpost I write on it.  I have paired it with an Apple wireless keyboard via Bluetooth (yes I appreciate the irony ¦-) ) and use the WordPress app for  Android.

The Galaxy tab is in itself a really nice piece of hardware. I like the size (7 inch screen)  which makes it a lot more comfortable   to use in sofa and while standing.   I suspect that there will be moments when I would like a larger screen, but so  far that has not been an issue.

I have an android phone at work and  one privately, so I am familiar with the Android OS. I really like the multitasking and the range of apps. I have not encountered any problems when using the GT and enjoy the experience. I have both used it as an ebook reader, both the Kindle for Android app and other ebook apps, and  enjoyed the experience so much that I really must admit that I prefer the GT as a reading platform to the Kindle. This came as a total surprise to me as I  have loved my Kindle (and still do). but the reading experience is great and it is nice to have a device that can do other things that display text.

All in all I think the GT has a great future as an alternative to the iPad and look forward to seeing what will come in the future.

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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3 comments on “First post from Galaxy Tab
  1. Magnus says:

    Is it good for long reading sessions too?

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