Internet Librarian 2010 day 2 keynote speaker Hazel Hall

Hazel Hall – getting real about social media

What we are not going to do is as important as what we are going to do.

Clay Shirky – Cognitive surplus

Social media are not an alternative life, they are part of it

How social media can influence life. Finding people to talk to on the train with twitter. Facebook updates in a family that lives far away from each other.

Information + People

Library and Information Science Research Coalition

To what extent are we genuinly engaging with library stakeholders?

a) Social media currently provide additional platforms for traditional information delivery

b) Sophisticated personal professional application of social media demonstrates potential for further innovation in services.

c) How we concieve relationships will dertermine the boundaries of service innovation

New Knowledge happens at the boundaries – meeting people with different background

Long term effects of social media difficult to predict

Social media is “just another” techonology application

We still dont know the effects of the printing press

Our tools cannot keep up with the quantity of information

Example: Wikipedia as a site of breaking news

Twitter accpetance – five stages: denial, presence, dumping, conversing

Snapshot of 2010 research – pockets of sophisticated personal professional use

Library services delivery: Function, not tool

The search principle blog

Virtual refence

current awareness on twitter – twinforming – not tweeting, just putting out information

Where is user participation as opposed to consumption? The Question of the Day!

New forms of interatcion – example – Facebook Geek the Library

We are all part of the reality: develop our users – develop ourselves

Umar Ruhi, PhD:

We steward – we accept flux&beta – we collaborate

Tactics vary: Networked cells vs. conventional action amonst large groups

Develop stakeholder participation: lead communities

They (users)  are here (in the library) with mobiles and wireless

They do it because it is useful – because humans like making and sharing things

Changed her mind about following on twitter – from strategic following to a more open approach – use lists to organize, increase peripheral vision and understanding context

For interacting with students – Facebook rules

Biggest risk? Missing the boat!


I'm a norwegian librarian.

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