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After an adventure filled holiday on the west coast of sweden (think shipwreck and serious bruises) I’m back at work and starting the wonderful adventure of a migration to Koha. The Koha patch that was absolutely neccesary to implement Koha at the naval academy was quickly built by the wonderful people at BibLibre at the specifications from our Koha support company Libriotech and ourselves.. It is now possible to add multiple copies in one go. This was neccesary as we also have the teaching collection in the ILS and in that collection most entries have between 50 and 150 copies. Too much work to add manually. Now you can just imput number of copies and the first barcode in the series and then stand back and see the copies with barcodes be added automatically. You still have to barcode the physical copies though:-/

There seems to be so many desicions to make, mostly on issues we should have resolved in our old catalog, so it is basically clearing up old sins of omission, and that is really a good thing. All systems should migrate once in a while to clear out the dust and clutter:-)

One of our tech guys here at the naval academy (have I told you what a great bunch of guys we have at our tech office, they RULE!) wondered if I wanted to have a mobile version of Koha so that we could use the HTC Magic phone with Android to scan barcodes while on the go? No longer lugging heavy laptops around in the library or going back to the desk to check a barcode or record information. Mobile computing FTW!

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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5 comments on “Back to Koha
  1. nicomo says:

    Thomas, thanks for the thumbs up: glad you like the work we’ve done. And thanks for the trust you put in us in the first place. I think I’ll post something on this, it’s a good example of what Open Source can achieve; one library, one small local provider, one slightly bigger provider abroad, an online ticketing system. Lightweight, fast, efficient. I love it
    And gee: that Android idea? I’d love to see specifications for this 😉 It’s certainly doable…

  2. […] and libraries. Now I’ve learned that at least one library in Norway is on the right road Thomas Brevik, librarian at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (in Bergen) selected Koha for his library. He […]

  3. Mark Osborne says:

    Wow. I’d love to see an Android version of Koha. Imagine patrons out and about with their smartphone, scanning a barcode to find out if their library has a copy of it. If the library has it, they could place a reserve there and then. Very cool.

  4. Andrew says:

    How did it go with the creation of a mobile version of Koha?
    I am a Library and Information Science student right now at San Jose State University and have considered creating an iPhone app that allows users to scan barcodes and access the OPAC.

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