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Heart of Gold in Bergen

Just passed this on the way to work this morning and could not resist posting. What a wonderful reminder of all the great imagination and creativity the human mind is capable of. One thing is this ship which really defies

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To host or not to host, that is the question

Just a few days into the process of moving from one ILS to another I discover that another library in California is a bit further along the same way that I am now on. Great to know I’m not alone.

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Five reasons to go for Koha

My main reasons for choosing Koha is: 1. Custom interface – the fact that I can customize the OPAC interface and the administrative interface is really important for me. 2. Development and implementation cycles -It is also great to follow

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Koha FTW!

Maybe I should change the name of the blog? Koha will probably be the main theme for this blog in the next few months. After almost a year of information gathering, thinking and discussing the library I work in have

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