Ada Lovelace day – missed:-(

I missed blogging on Ada Lovelace day this year because I was at home with a sick kid. Sometimes life does interfere with our best plans and intentions:-/ But I thought that I´d just mention two great women in technology that I admire even if it is two days late.

Jill Walker Rettberg and Torill Mortensen – the two sharpest people I know. Their insight and intelligence is self evident in their blogging and writing, but they are also fabulous conversation partners and you always leave a discussion with both or either of them with new insights and angles to a problem or issue. The reason I write about them together is that I met and got to know both at about the same time. Jill and Torill has opened my eyes to the complexity and many facets of online gaming and thinking around communication and content production in the digital dimention. Reading and listening to them will always leave you with a greater understanding, and usually more questions, after than you had before.

Jill introduced me to blogging and encouraged me (even talking me through my first blog software installation process) to explore and find my own voice when blogging. She is the first norwegian academic blogger and blazed the trail for all other academic blogs that have followed in her footsteps. Just working towards and finally securing acceptance for the concept of academic blogging is a great achievement in it self.

Torill is the norwegian gaming research maven. She has paitiently educated norwegian journalists about online gaming and computer gaming in general for years. I know it has been an uphill struggle, but Torill persevered and I think that the degree of acceptance and understanding of gaming in norwegian media today is in part due to her patience and endurance in explaining that: “No, gaming is not dangerous, it will not rot teenagers brains, playing GTA will not turn everybody into homicidal maniacks etc.” Torills research is going to take off now that she is going off from her beloved Volda to Copenhage and ITU.

What these two women have in common, apart from intelligence, integrity and academic rigour, is an openness to new ideas and interest in other people. And fortunately, they never seem to loose their sense of humor! Great fun people to be with in other words:-)

Hurray for geeky women who really makes the world a better place:-)

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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