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The best Norwegian library video

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One small step for a librarian, one giant leap for the library

Today I sent the resignation letter to our current ILS-vendor. The point of NO return has passed:-) It promted another round of “OMG why am I doing this?” ┬áIt is in many ways a leap of faith. We are the

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Librarians wish-list

The Kindle – not the perfect reading device, but the access model should be studied by librarians everywhere. T-shirt and Hoodie from Just to show that librarians might be different than you first might believe. My favorite web-comic also


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Save the Bookboat!

The executive of the Hordaland county will propose the cancellation of the world oldest bookboat “Epos” before the county assembly on december 9th. Epos has sailed for 50 years on the west coast of Norway and visited literally hundreds of

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The culture of Nice

Michael Stephens wrote about the “culture of no” and how it stops innovation and development. Today at a seminar for librarians I was in a foul mood and sat observing my fellow librarians as they discussed the future of libraries

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Secret conference?

I have been busy these last three months trying to get the conference “Digital og Sosial 2.0” – Digital and social 2.0 – in Bergen, Norway. It will be a two day conference where librarians will meet and discuss Library

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A foolish thing

I have decided to write a book, about Library 2.0, in Norwegian. This will be my No. 1 foolish thing of 2006. I know that it is foolish, but since I have had more fun and learnt more from the

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The state of Library 2.0 in Norway today

I just wanted to set a baseline for what I think is the state of Library 2.0 i Norway today. These are my thoughts and impressions. Please feel free to comment on anything you thing is missing, wrong or just

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Blogging in english

I have discovered over the last two months that blogging in Norwegian limits the number of readers and feedback, and participation in the general discussion on the subject that is on the top of my mind right now, Library 2.0.

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January 2023
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