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DRM, e-books and a norwegian version of DiViBib

The german library e-lending system DiViBib is a controversial system for allowing libraries to lend electronic content, films, e-books and music, with a number of limitations. The system allows only the number of copies that the library has purchased to

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OCLC-symposium destilled

Who’s Watching YOUR Space? Great video for soundbites and an introduction to urgent issues for libraries and librarians

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Secret conference?

I have been busy these last three months trying to get the conference “Digital og Sosial 2.0” – Digital and social 2.0 – in Bergen, Norway. It will be a two day conference where librarians will meet and discuss Library

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Split in three, add two components, stir…

Thanks Magnus for yesterdays comment on the web 2.0 ness of the LibLab project. Thinking and writing furiously last night and this morning I think I may have a solution. The project aims to achieve three things: Build a network

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On the nature of 2.0

I have worked hard on my Library Lab project, but had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. There was two problems with how I first envisioned it. And as my feeling of discomfort with the work increased I started

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Sold out – to the Man!

Yes, I have sould out. Really! To the Man! The norwegian national agency for archives, libraries and museums have asked me to write a proposal for a library 2.0 project, they’ll even pay me to do so! So, I’m sold,

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Library computer security 2.0?

In a comment Jeremy from Canada raises the question of security in the Library 2.0 world. He raises some good points, and the most important in my opinion is: I think it’s great that people are waving the flag for

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