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Preparing for class

I´m starting one of my life´s greatest adventures tomorrow. I´ll be a student for five years (only half time, but still) at the Oslo University College programme for postgraudate qualification in library science. This is not a Ph.D. programme as

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Library alchemy – transforming digital information into physical

This is my first attempt at putting digital information out into the physical library. Many students go straight to the bookshelves when they want information. Completely bypassing the computers with millions of relevant articles and books that we librarians have

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Heart of Gold in Bergen

Just passed this on the way to work this morning and could not resist posting. What a wonderful reminder of all the great imagination and creativity the human mind is capable of. One thing is this ship which really defies

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Five reasons to go for Koha

My main reasons for choosing Koha is: 1. Custom interface – the fact that I can customize the OPAC interface and the administrative interface is really important for me. 2. Development and implementation cycles -It is also great to follow

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Librarians wish-list

The Kindle – not the perfect reading device, but the access model should be studied by librarians everywhere. T-shirt and Hoodie from Just to show that librarians might be different than you first might believe. My favorite web-comic also

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Awsome YouTube video from a talk at Library of Congress

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

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Wired: Public Libraries Don’t Suck

Why Things Suck: Things That Dont Suck

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