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Why did you become a librarian?

“I love to read!” Is the most common answer to the question of why you became a librarian. Sometimes longtime librarians sigh a little at this and start going on about how libraries are about so much more than books

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iPad and libraries – some thoughts

OK, congratulations to all fellow Apple fanboys and girls🙂 The iPad looks good and I would love to get my hands on one. In fact on thursday I  got word from the ICT-department at work that they pre-ordered one for

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The culture of Nice

Michael Stephens wrote about the “culture of no” and how it stops innovation and development. Today at a seminar for librarians I was in a foul mood and sat observing my fellow librarians as they discussed the future of libraries

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Secret conference?

I have been busy these last three months trying to get the conference “Digital og Sosial 2.0” – Digital and social 2.0 – in Bergen, Norway. It will be a two day conference where librarians will meet and discuss Library

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IFLA 2.0

Reading Michael Stephens blogpost on ALA 2.0 I started thinking about library organizations and how web 2.0 can improve relations between members and organization and between organization and the world at large. I wrote a post on the Norwegian Library

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Going with the flow

Usually libraries and librarians are considered to be a little “outside” the main flow of society and the world at large. In many ways this is a good thing. Libraries are built to stay and exist for a long time

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On the nature of 2.0

I have worked hard on my Library Lab project, but had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. There was two problems with how I first envisioned it. And as my feeling of discomfort with the work increased I started

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Does anybody remember the 1980’s? Way back then in the last few decades of last century there was a very popular author, Alvin Toffler, who wrote several books about the future, mostly for business and marketing people. In the book

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The library as a lab?

The experimentation and development going on in libraries around the world makes me think that one charatcteristic of Library 2.0 is that the library functions as a laboratory for development. This can take many forms. The OPAC experimentation that Casey

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Another norwegian take on Library 2.0

Magnus Enger who just finished his Masters degree in documentation science have decided to start writing in english, and his first post on Library 2.0 is just facinating and provides a much needed perspective from a new and fresh viewpoint

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