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Internet Librarian 2010 day 2 keynote speaker Hazel Hall

Hazel Hall – getting real about social media What we are not going to do is as important as what we are going to do. Clay Shirky – Cognitive surplus Social media are not an alternative life, they are part

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Internet Librarian International 2010

Keynote session: There is nothing outside the cow – Robert Rowland Smith Author of: Breakfast with Socrates Knowledge – what it means to know things – Socrates and Platos view of that. Reading from: Dropping ashes on Buddha Meditation is

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Top technology trends – again!

I´m at the national norwegian library conference and tomorrow I´m supposed to sit on a panel to discuss top technology trends for libraries. I thought I would air my thoughts here, and maybe get some feedback from readers. At first

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One small step for a librarian, one giant leap for the library

Today I sent the resignation letter to our current ILS-vendor. The point of NO return has passed:-) It promted another round of “OMG why am I doing this?”  It is in many ways a leap of faith. We are the

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OCLC-symposium destilled

Who’s Watching YOUR Space? Great video for soundbites and an introduction to urgent issues for libraries and librarians

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Secret conference?

I have been busy these last three months trying to get the conference “Digital og Sosial 2.0” – Digital and social 2.0 – in Bergen, Norway. It will be a two day conference where librarians will meet and discuss Library

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