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The future of the book, and libraries

It is really hard to think about the future of the book and not link it to the future of libraries. But increasingly it seems that this is something we must do. The nature of the book will change in

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Is it just me?

Yesterday I followed the annual WWDC keynote speech by Steve Jobs. The news where less wow than usual because of a lost prototype earlier this year, but it was still fun to see what was presentet on the stage. In

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A foolish thing

I have decided to write a book, about Library 2.0, in Norwegian. This will be my No. 1 foolish thing of 2006. I know that it is foolish, but since I have had more fun and learnt more from the

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RFID, books and Library 2.0 – The missing link?

One thing I have missed in the Library 2.0 discussion is the link between the physical library and the digital dimension. Yes, we use our OPAC to show what items we have, and Casey Bissons WordPress OPAC shows a possible

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Library 2.0 and books

Yesterday I enjoyed a great discussion about Library 2.0 that was recorded by Talis and will be published as a podcast later. But one thing really struck me during the discussion. When I mentioned that I thought books where a

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