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Favorite libraries

Although library bulidings come in all sizes and shapes, and that the people inside is the most important thing about the library, I still have a few favorite libraries and want to share them with anybody who reads this blog.

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The best Norwegian library video

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The last week has brought up a new discussion on the future of e-books. It started with a post on Buns, blankets and bears; Are ebooks the new CD-ROM?, that I discovered on Twitter. I ReTweeted the post and it

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Librarian worries

I know it is not fashionable to worry these days. I should look to the future, see the opportunities, don´t worry, be happy, etc. But I DO worry. Instead of the top tech trends that ALA and LITA does, I

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Preparing for class

I´m starting one of my life´s greatest adventures tomorrow. I´ll be a student for five years (only half time, but still) at the Oslo University College programme for postgraudate qualification in library science. This is not a Ph.D. programme as

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One small step for a librarian, one giant leap for the library

Today I sent the resignation letter to our current ILS-vendor. The point of NO return has passed:-) It promted another round of “OMG why am I doing this?”  It is in many ways a leap of faith. We are the

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Back to Koha

After an adventure filled holiday on the west coast of sweden (think shipwreck and serious bruises) I’m back at work and starting the wonderful adventure of a migration to Koha. The Koha patch that was absolutely neccesary to implement Koha

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