Top five TED talks for librarians

Inspired by the brilliant Library blog Agnostic, maybe who made a list of top five TED talks that librarians should watch, I wanted to make my own list. Why don´t you do to?

1. Temple Grandin – The world needs all kinds of minds

I am the parent of a child with Aspergers and ADHD which means that this talk means something to me on a personal level, but it also has a great significance for me as a professional librarian. School and public libraries are often the refuge for children who do not fit in at school and in social settings. Libraries are environments where children on the autism spectrum both get a stable and less impression-rich environment and get to persue their interests with people who accept and enourage information gathering and deep diving. By understanding children with special gifts, librarians can do an even better job at making the library a haven for children and young adults who struggle with everyday life and the demands of social interactions.

P.S. Do get the movie about Temple Grandin in your library! And watch it yourself:-)

2. Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves
An innovative look at how children learn and can teach themselves. From a library perspective this is important. Libraries are doing this every day by putting children and tools together, but we need to understand the processes and needs better to do a better job.

3. Taylor Mali – What teachers make
A great slam poet and one of the really powerful ways of showing what importance teachers (and librarians) have on kids lives. Think about this poem the next time somebody looks down their nose at you for choosing a life of public service and powerful infulence in peoples life instead of a life of money.

4. Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …
Another poet. It is amazing how powerful poetry is in this setting. I wonder if all the really booring poetry we read about in school was as powerful when it was written and performed? I wish I was as good as this to make poetry as powerful and alive to the people in my library.

5. Brewster Kahle builds a free digital library
Basically the fundamentals of librarianship in a digital age!

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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