Koha FTW!

Maybe I should change the name of the blog? Koha will probably be the main theme for this blog in the next few months. After almost a year of information gathering, thinking and discussing the library I work in have decided to go for Koha as our new ILS.

Our old system, Tidemann (norwegian only), is not a bad system as such, but it was not as good as Koha on some of the features I think a good library system should have. And of course the development cycle of Koha is so much more rapid than any commercial system can achieve.  I especially love the user interface of the Koha OPAC and how we can adapt it to our own needs.

From now on this blog will be my main chronicle of the switch to Koha.

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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8 comments on “Koha FTW!
  1. Mark Osborne says:

    Well done. We made the switch to Koha earlier this year and it’s been the best thing we’ve done in a long time. The tagging, comments, booklists etc. that patrons have access to are brilliant.

  2. hauschke says:

    Another reason to read your blog. I’m really curious how the switch will go on.

  3. r4gni says:

    Great! I can’t wait for the reports, and would also love a live demo!

  4. […] Community – The Koha community is worldwide and welcoming. Just look at the comments on the first Koha post   I love the idea of open source and the community around Koha. That I have something in common […]

  5. Magnus Enger says:

    @r4agni: I hope I will have the time soon to create some short screencasts, introducing Koha generally as well as presenting some of the specific features. I’ll keep you posted!

  6. Pål says:

    With Koha you can really realize the synergies between the internet and the thousand of tons printed treasures that is shelved in libraries. I was in the beginning not so found of Koha, but the more I learn about internet social processes the more I believe in that Koha is the answer, right now, and for the next 15+ years of the library world. I have seen very few proprietary publishing systems that have succeeded in solving the users activity code, and a lot of free software system has done it. The reason behind this is in my opinion that users are not stupid, they know that their comments and tags are valuable, and they are not so interested in giving away creativity to people with no other ideology than money and power. They know that Wikipedia for instance will preserve and value their contribution for a long time compared to Encyclopedia Britannica that can be thrown in the garbage any time if the owners get tired of it. I wish you good luck with Koha, after all it is nothing more satisfying for a librarian than to see high user activity around the books.

  7. Hey-We’re in the same boat! Except I have to outsource my migration & hosting. Looking forward to your posts.

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