Slow blogging?

Have I involuntarily become a slow blogger? Slow blogging manifesto is an attractive idea, but I feel that it is room for both slow and fast in one blog, and with RSS it is not as if readers have to check in to see if anything is written. Of course, if you are deleted from anybodys RSS-reader, then you are dead:-)

It is not as if I have stopped blogging because I am tired of it. Just that real life has grabbed most of my attention for a long while. Work, children, illness and other more mundane reasons have pushed my attention away from writing about libraries.

The writing I have done has been focused on Twitter and some comments in other blogs.

That will change though. I´m applying for the “first librarian” program (norwegian only) at the Oslo University College. This is a qualifying program for librarians who want to work with more hands-on projects than is usual in ordinary Ph.D. programs, but it still qualifies for positions where the usual requirement is a Ph.D.

This is a great opportunity to work in my own library with projects that directly benefit the library users and hopefully improves the library services and integration in the academy.

And it wil be nice to look at broader issues than the daily immediate challenges.

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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One comment on “Slow blogging?
  1. carleen says:

    I admit to being a slow blogger too.:-) Family and work take up a great deal of time and energy for me, yet thankfully, twitter lets me take part in important conversations in the library world. The program at Oslo University sounds very interesting. Looking forward to hearing about it more.

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