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Chaper 1 – Web 2.0 – new tools

UPDATE April 6, 2006. Thanks to all you who have given me suggestions on what to add to the list. I include them in this post.  What should I include in this chaper? Here is my list of things I

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Library 2.0 is a new concept and although a lot has been written about it, it has generally been in the biblioblogosphere and has not reached a wider audience of librarians and library workers. For a concept to have any

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Manuscript in Norwegian on Writely

I have started writing the manuscript for "Library 2.0 – hype or hope?" on Writely. The manuscript will be in norwegian, but as stated before, the main points will occur here first:-) In true 2.0 spirit the manuscript will be

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Library 2.0 – Hype or Hope?

Here is an overview of what I intend to write about. Feel free to comment on anything, structure, topics I missed, things I should drop etc… 1. Introduction – The Library world is changing. The world that libraries exist in

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A foolish thing

I have decided to write a book, about Library 2.0, in Norwegian. This will be my No. 1 foolish thing of 2006. I know that it is foolish, but since I have had more fun and learnt more from the

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RFID, books and Library 2.0 – The missing link?

One thing I have missed in the Library 2.0 discussion is the link between the physical library and the digital dimension. Yes, we use our OPAC to show what items we have, and Casey Bissons WordPress OPAC shows a possible

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Does anybody remember the 1980’s? Way back then in the last few decades of last century there was a very popular author, Alvin Toffler, who wrote several books about the future, mostly for business and marketing people. In the book

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Talis white paper on Library 2.0

Just as I was about to leave work yesterday a new item popped up on my Bloglines notifier, Panlibus had a new post, so I “just checked” instead of closing down as I should have. A new white paper: Library

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The library as a lab?

The experimentation and development going on in libraries around the world makes me think that one charatcteristic of Library 2.0 is that the library functions as a laboratory for development. This can take many forms. The OPAC experimentation that Casey

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What’s in a name

Shakespeare always says it better. This is the only time I will adress the issue of the “Library 2.0” name. A lot of people seems to react confrontational and negatively when they hear the words Library 2.0. And so far

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