Going with the flow

Usually libraries and librarians are considered to be a little “outside” the main flow of society and the world at large. In many ways this is a good thing. Libraries are built to stay and exist for a long time and has a different role to play than other enteprises such as many non-profit operations or commericial companies. Libraries will survive both Web 2.0, library 2.o and other memes that flow around us. But at the same time it is important that libraries are aware of the flow and follow what is going on. A good librarian 2.o will observe actual behavior and broad trends in the community that the library belongs to and try to respond with appropriate services both by adapting existing services and developing new services. The librarian 2.o will see the possibilities and opportunities for the library in the current development and find the right place for the library within that development.

At the same time there are different flows, one in society at large, others in subsets of that society, local culture, ethnic groups or professions (like librarianship). The flow in the profession of librarianship is often a counterflow to the larger society flow in that libraries and librarians have a perspective that should last longer and have a broader range than more narrow concerns of today.


I'm a norwegian librarian.

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One comment on “Going with the flow
  1. Michael Stephens says:

    Thomas – Lovely post. Thank you.

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