Trough of disillusionment

A very useful visialization of the development of understanding of new technologies:

Trough of disillusionment

From Information Visualization blog

UPDATE: One thing that struck me when I looked at this was the placement of blogs. I would say that blogs are further along the curve that web 2.0. Blogs have certainly entered the mainstream, and I believe that the usefulness seems to be recognized by a growing number of people.  

I'm a norwegian librarian.

Posted in Hype or Hope?, Web 2.0
One comment on “Trough of disillusionment
  1. Hi
    Thanks for citing my blog.

    Did you notice, I cited yours too.

    Regarding Disillusionment image, please note: I am waiting for permission from the author to cite the page. For courtesy sake, if not for any thing else, get permission from that source.

    Best wishes for your book project. Do you already have a publisher or you are still navigating? In case you need one, let me know. Stay in connected. Peace, Mohamed

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