Library 2.0 – Hype or Hope?

Here is an overview of what I intend to write about. Feel free to comment on anything, structure, topics I missed, things I should drop etc…

1. Introduction – The Library world is changing. The world that libraries exist in is changing, this may be a permanent feature…

2. New tools – Blogs, wikis og social software

A short overview of the most central technologies behind Web 2.0, and how they are appliccable to libraries. With examples from real life.

3. The challenge

Powershift and user power – If library users are used to having more power over information, how will this affect libraries and librarians? Is this a threat to the centuries old role of librarians as custodians and guardians of knowledge?

Our tools – The catalog is changing. New methods of access, tagging, folksonomies, user defined uses of the information the library produces

The book – Will new tools change the place of the book in the library? Will new tools give the book new opportunities?

4. Social software in and outside the library

Social software in the library – users and librarians, new modes of communication

Blogging as a tool for communication

Wikis for librarians

Social software outside the library – How can the library participate in the digital social dimension?

– Instant messaging

– Online games (Anarchy online, Halo, World of Warcraft etc.)

– My Library – MySpace and other social network builders

5. Library 2.0

Hype – technolust and other forms of beliefs in technology as the only solution and as a means in it self.

Hope – New ways to reach the library user, new ways to participate in the world

Library 2.0 in Norway today – Norwegian Digital Library intitative (Norsk Digitalt Bibliotek), The library whitepaper and other phenomenon.

Library 2.0 at your local library today

6. Librarian 2.0

Challenges to the second oldest profession in the world

Education and further education

The role of the profession and what is the core of our profession?

"I only want to be a librarian" – how to get 3000 norwegian librarians to participate in a systematic and systemwide change?

7. Library 3.0

Visions of the future based on some trends

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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2 comments on “Library 2.0 – Hype or Hope?
  1. Michael Andersson says:

    Please do. Ideas like these need to be communicated in all sorts of ways in order to be properly discussed by everyone that could be affected.

    Please make a swedish copy as well 😉

  2. I think that this section on social software is a good place to bring up the very real risks to IT administration and the public. A lot has to be talked about when it comes to this subject. This is a very dangerous area that’s getting a lot of positive push from 2.0 folks, but there are many many security risks to be considered here.

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