A foolish thing

I have decided to write a book, about Library 2.0, in Norwegian. This will be my No. 1 foolish thing of 2006. I know that it is foolish, but since I have had more fun and learnt more from the foolish stuff I have attempted in my life than all my sensible activities combined, this does not scare me much.

The background for this foolishness is something like this:

1. I feel there is a need for a book about Library 2.0, mainly to reach all the librarians who don´t read blogs, know what RSS is and who do not encounter the Web 2.0 in their everyday lives. All these librarians are not opposed to the Library 2.0 ideas, but they have not encountered the concept of Library 2.0 in a format that they are familiar with, and made relevant to their everyday working life. They need a chance to digest these ideas and make up their own mind with a minimum of knowledge about the background of Library 2.0.

2. My employer have given me R&D time to write this book! 50% of april and 10% of the rest of the year.

3. I want to attempt to write a book. I have taken part in the editing and writing of chapters in a book earlier. The norwegian Handbook in children´s library work (2003) where I wrote a chapter about Generation N. (From the book Growing up digital). It was great fun, really frustrating and a wonderful experience when the whole thing was done and published.
4. I want to write a book in the Library 2.0 spirit. I will write the book itself in Norwegian, but most of what I think and explore will appear in this blog in "Beta-format". There will therefore be ample opportunity for anybody who wants to comment, contribute or critizise to do so in this blog. I have high hopes for this book to be a collective endeavour and will share the credit with everybody who contributes.

5. I want to try out the web 2.0 tools and how they will contribute to writing this book. I will write most of the book in Writely, use del.icio.us for my bookmarks, use Library Thing to have an overview of the books I use, and so on.

6. I just had this great title I wanted to use! Library 2.0 – Hope or Hype?

I'm a norwegian librarian.

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6 comments on “A foolish thing
  1. Go for it Thomas! We need this book. I read blogs, have a blog myself and know abot RSS, but still I haven’t really figured out what Library 2.0 is all about. What is new? From my viewpoint it seems like a bit of a hype right now, but maybe your book will convince me that I’m wrong?

  2. Esben says:

    Hi Thomas

    Great Idea. I wish You Luck. If it becomes a bestseller and would be glad to translate it to danish.


  3. Eip says:

    That is a wonderful idea.

  4. malin says:

    Bra titel, väldigt bra ide samt en väldigt trevlig arbetsagivare!! Lycka till1 jag ser verkligen fram emot resultatet.

  5. Hans Nielsen says:

    God arbejdslyst! jeg glæder mig til at følge dig arbejde. God ide at bruge web 2.0 tools til arbejdet.

  6. Paal Lykkja says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I wish you good luck with this project. Larry Page in Google “says 98 percent of what will exist in 10 years “has yet to be done…”, and the concept web 2.0 now is regarded as mainstream already. Web 3.0 and semantic web is on the verge to step into our lives, and a Californian court has just treated bloggers as journalists! Here is a good article with a birds eye on the post-capitalistic society:

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