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Library computer security 2.0?

In a comment Jeremy from Canada raises the question of security in the Library 2.0 world. He raises some good points, and the most important in my opinion is: I think it’s great that people are waving the flag for

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Library 2.0 = MyLibrary?

Michael Stephens is collecting Library 2.0 definitions, and asked for mine. Since I'm not at all clear on what my definition is, what I came up with was based on what was going on in my mind at the time.

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Trough of disillusionment

A very useful visialization of the development of understanding of new technologies: From Information Visualization blog UPDATE: One thing that struck me when I looked at this was the placement of blogs. I would say that blogs are further along

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Chaper 1 – Web 2.0 – new tools

UPDATE April 6, 2006. Thanks to all you who have given me suggestions on what to add to the list. I include them in this post.  What should I include in this chaper? Here is my list of things I

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Library 2.0 is a new concept and although a lot has been written about it, it has generally been in the biblioblogosphere and has not reached a wider audience of librarians and library workers. For a concept to have any

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Manuscript in Norwegian on Writely

I have started writing the manuscript for "Library 2.0 – hype or hope?" on Writely. The manuscript will be in norwegian, but as stated before, the main points will occur here first:-) In true 2.0 spirit the manuscript will be

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Library 2.0 – Hype or Hope?

Here is an overview of what I intend to write about. Feel free to comment on anything, structure, topics I missed, things I should drop etc… 1. Introduction – The Library world is changing. The world that libraries exist in

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A foolish thing

I have decided to write a book, about Library 2.0, in Norwegian. This will be my No. 1 foolish thing of 2006. I know that it is foolish, but since I have had more fun and learnt more from the

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