From collection management to connection management

This little video looks at some of the most important issues for libraries today.

You Must Focus on Connection Management Instead of Collection Management from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

Just the opening slide is worth the admission:-)

The best days of librarianship are ahead of us

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Teaching wordpress

I am now teaching wordpress to the board of the Norwegian Special Libraries Assocation

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Electronic literature

I´m at the ELMCIP conference in Bergen. The concept of Electronic Literature (EL) as different from ebooks is of great interest to me. Today EL is published outside the traditional channels of publishing and by many who are not concidering themselves authors in the traditional sense. I have seen some articles discussing Augmented Literature, i.e. texts that have added content in the form of video, sound and animation. The iPad iBook version of Winnie the Poo is probably a good example of this. EL takes this a step further and plays with the text itself as well as adding content in other formats than text. One example is the Jean-Pierre Balpes experiment Automatic text generation. EL is literature that cannot exist in any other format than digital. Hypertext is the best known example of this. Texts that exist as linked passages where the navigation is an integral part of the reading experience.

The conference looks at both practical work in buliding an europeand database of electronic literature, but also has an academic dimension discussing EL-critisism, the development of EL as an literary field and the communities that are emerging around EL. EL has a performance component as well as the traditional viewing on screen way of reading. The concept of reading is itself under pressure from the development of this genre (if it is a genre).

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Is it just me?

Yesterday I followed the annual WWDC keynote speech by Steve Jobs. The news where less wow than usual because of a lost prototype earlier this year, but it was still fun to see what was presentet on the stage. In an age where most technology products are presented fairly low key and most information is leaked way before the actual presentation the Apple circus is fun and refreshing.

But I was surprised that so few was stunned by something that really hit me. The new iPhone screen now has a resolution that rivals the printed page! Most people I know says that they do not want to read a book on the iPhone, but I have personally read several novel on my tired ol iPod touch without problem, and with this new screen and battery life there iPhone and hopefully iPod touch with similar specs will be new players changing the ebook reader field.

The increased demand for better screens, longer battery life and an intuitive interface will hopefully hit the current ebook reader market and drive innovation and development towards my ideal ebook reader.

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First gold star since sunday school

The Salem press library literature publisher organized a little blog awards thing this spring. And to my great surprise this blog was actually awarded a gold star.

Blogs listed with a gold star were considered by our judges to be of significant quality that they stood above the norm.

Thank you! It is always good to be appreciated and when I look at the company I´m in, I really appreciate the honor. Some great blogs was singled out as winners, I read enough of them to agree totally with the judges and just hope that there will be a new award at some later time to shine the spotlight on some of the other great library blogs out there.

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Ada Lovelace day – missed:-(

I missed blogging on Ada Lovelace day this year because I was at home with a sick kid. Sometimes life does interfere with our best plans and intentions:-/ But I thought that I´d just mention two great women in technology that I admire even if it is two days late.

Jill Walker Rettberg and Torill Mortensen – the two sharpest people I know. Their insight and intelligence is self evident in their blogging and writing, but they are also fabulous conversation partners and you always leave a discussion with both or either of them with new insights and angles to a problem or issue. The reason I write about them together is that I met and got to know both at about the same time. Jill and Torill has opened my eyes to the complexity and many facets of online gaming and thinking around communication and content production in the digital dimention. Reading and listening to them will always leave you with a greater understanding, and usually more questions, after than you had before.

Jill introduced me to blogging and encouraged me (even talking me through my first blog software installation process) to explore and find my own voice when blogging. She is the first norwegian academic blogger and blazed the trail for all other academic blogs that have followed in her footsteps. Just working towards and finally securing acceptance for the concept of academic blogging is a great achievement in it self.

Torill is the norwegian gaming research maven. She has paitiently educated norwegian journalists about online gaming and computer gaming in general for years. I know it has been an uphill struggle, but Torill persevered and I think that the degree of acceptance and understanding of gaming in norwegian media today is in part due to her patience and endurance in explaining that: “No, gaming is not dangerous, it will not rot teenagers brains, playing GTA will not turn everybody into homicidal maniacks etc.” Torills research is going to take off now that she is going off from her beloved Volda to Copenhage and ITU.

What these two women have in common, apart from intelligence, integrity and academic rigour, is an openness to new ideas and interest in other people. And fortunately, they never seem to loose their sense of humor! Great fun people to be with in other words:-)

Hurray for geeky women who really makes the world a better place:-)

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Reading 2.0

I just discovered this video in Wired Gadget Lab Epicenter blog . The creators called it text 2.0, but in reality I believe it is reading 2.0 we are looking at. Take a look and make up your own mind. I can think of so many applications of this. People with reading difficulties will be able to enjoy reading with the text itself helping out.

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