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Happy Ada Lovelace day!

Today is Ada Lovelace day. A day when we shine a strong light on the great women of computing, or girl-geeks, that we want to bring attention to. Working in a womens profession I have no problem finding some great

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Librarians wish-list

The Kindle – not the perfect reading device, but the access model should be studied by librarians everywhere. T-shirt and Hoodie from Just to show that librarians might be different than you first might believe. My favorite web-comic also

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Awsome YouTube video from a talk at Library of Congress

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

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Slow blogging?

Have I involuntarily become a slow blogger? Slow blogging manifesto is an attractive idea, but I feel that it is room for both slow and fast in one blog, and with RSS it is not as if readers have to

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Wired: Public Libraries Don’t Suck

Why Things Suck: Things That Dont Suck

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The bookboat is saved, for now

At the last moment the political majority changed their minds (after a storm of protest from all around) and let the bookboat continue for two more years. Thank you to all for support and good wishes. This shows that popular

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The norwegian library commercial – what do they say?

The first boy: The coolest thing about the library is the people who work there. Really OK people to talk to. Girl: The thing about the library is that you can meet the gang there, relax and have a good

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The library commercial from norway:-) The first library commercal that was produced professionally here in Norway

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Save the Bookboat!

The executive of the Hordaland county will propose the cancellation of the world oldest bookboat “Epos” before the county assembly on december 9th. Epos has sailed for 50 years on the west coast of Norway and visited literally hundreds of

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The library as a landscape

I was sitting in the car this morning thinking about library websites and how linear and “square” they are. Of course this is because they follow the ruling trends of the mainstream webdesign, but it does not take into account

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